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Welcome to Sandholt Bakery

Sandholt is a family bakery built on decades of tradition. The fourth-generation of artisan bakers from Sandholt offer its customers interesting innovations from one of the oldest operating bakeries in the country.


At Sandholt we rummage through old recipes in search of the origin of baking and try to find new ways to bring you the quality traditions of the past.

Together with my team we will provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. I invite you to one of the best bakeries in the heart of Reykjavik,

Ásgeir Sandholt

we are more than a bakery

At Sandholt we bake several types of sourdough bread and many other products daily. You can also enjoy homemade sodas, craft beers and many more delectables. 

We take care of catering for all parties. We stock tarts, cakes and many kinds of desserts. Canapés and appetisers on a stick can also be obtained from us. It’s important to call or email us to organise a time to talk about your catering needs.

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We would like to give travelers visiting our beautiful country a chance to try traditional Icelandic flavours.

We offer a selection of sourdough sandwiches, salads, patisserie, confectionery and more prepared for hungry travelers looking to improve the experience of the day.

We can offer lunch for your group ready to take with you on your adventure.


+ 354 551 3524

Sandholt Reykjavík 101 , Laugavegur 36
Reykjavík, Iceland

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